Madeleine has an intimate understanding of the inner workings of City Hall. She has a razor-sharp mind, a keen intuition, and a brilliant mediative approach to problem solving that results in win-win solutions. She is my go-to when the hurdle is too high.

Opening Doors at City Hall


Many good projects encounter hurdles throughout the planning process. Madeleine has had years, if not decades, of experience with City Hall processes.


The Municipal Development Plan puts emphasis on transferring much of new growth to in-fill development. That poses a challenge as we all have to find new ways to make neighbourhood intensification attractive both for developers and for existing residents and businesses.


Madeleine’s consultancy work began with her representing the property owners’ group involved in the Mission Road Main Street Project throughout a multi-year process, and has widened to encompass a variety of projects on behalf of developers as well as neighbourhood groups.

“Madeleine King consulted with me on a very complex land use amendment application which concluded in a positive result that exceeded my original expectations. Her services were critical to this successful outcome.”

Advocating with planners


Madeleine’s experience through the development of most of the City’s key planning policies enables her to be a strong advocate with planners on behalf of her clients. Her deep understanding of the City’s planning and sustainability goals allow her to better interpret challenges, and to work with clients and planners to find solutions.

“….We would not have attained the access to the decision makers or been able to work as closely with the Community Association without her assistance. It proved to be a successful strategy and it was a pleasure working with her.”

Negotiating community solutions


Property development in “established communities” is very impactful on those already there. Change is often threatening. Yet the vast majority of urban dwellers welcome the idea of living in “people-centred” safe & interesting neighbourhoods, where they can enjoy walking to smaller local stores and recreational bike riding; and where seniors and young adults can live independently.


Madeleine uses her experience as a former mediator and community activist to facilitate successful compromises between developers and neighbouring residents.

"Madeleine King has excelled for us. Her strategic input ….. has been invaluable. Madeleine has been of great value to us in our City negotiations. It has also been a pleasure working with her.” Ron Lanthier, Executive Vice-President, Macdonald Development Corporation

Growing your support network


Development plans need a support network in order to succeed. Whether it’s the neighbours, City planners or City Council – all play their vital part in helping dreams become reality.


Madeleine has a wide network of colleagues, friends and contacts throughout the city who are always keen to know more about what’s happening in their spheres of involvement. They are eager to encourage development that helps Calgary be a great place to live, work and play.

"Madeleine has been so helpful in negotiating on behalf of a group of irate residents who had opposed a development by a very large company in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately the two sides had become combative and angry, but Madeleine manage to calm matters down and acted as a mediator to get some serious issues resolved in a peaceful and reasonable way. As a group we benefited from her knowledge of the intricacies of City developments rules and permits and achieved more than we had hoped for in our quest for a more reasonable development.” Frank Hall, Chairman, Altadore Development Society